Guide for Manifesto app

Manifesto is designed to record burst photos, audio or video instantly at launch. That's why, at the first launch, the app could be configured to capture content automatically at launch.

The basic move for using Manifesto 2 is swiping. In this way you can easily change between the recording modes, just with one swipe. 

The fist mode supported by the app is photo mode, where you have all the necessary controls. You could always take UP TO 99 BURST PHOTOS, at incredible speed, either at launch or by pressing the burst button. You could simply configure the necessary behaviour, in the settings screen.

Another mode supported by the app is VIDEO mode, where you can easily recognise the same controls as in the photo mode. On top of it you can find the feature to PAUSE AND RESUME VIDEO RECORDING at any moment. One nice feature you should know about is availability of permanent horizontal capturing while keeping the phone vertically, both for videos and photos.

The third mode, but one of the most loved by our users is the AUDIO mode. Here you will see a very simple interface that will allow you to record any sound or voice. It has as well the handy feature to pause and resume audio recording.

All the records you have taken could be found in the timeline of the application. There are 4 types of records - photo, burst photos, videos and audio. By tapping the upper right icon, you can simply choose the way you like to see the content - timeline or thumbnails view. As well you could choose what type of records you would like to see, or to enter some small description of the record.

For some of you the most important part will be the settings page, where you can set the  way the app will work. Here you can find the possibility to set the starting mode. If you choose LAST, then the app will remember the last mode you used and will start the next time in the same mode. Other way to use the app is choosing which mode you prefer it to start.

Another important feature is available by enabling HORIZONTAL LOCK FOR PHOTO & VIDEO, which will make the app to always cut the content to horizontal format even if you keep the app vertically (you should try this one).

On top of it you will find 2 important switches. One of them (INSTANT PHOTOS) is the number of burst photos taken at launch by the app, if the autostart recording is enabled and the starting mode is photo. Another one (AUTO START RECORDING) triggers the main functionality of the app - instantly capturing or not the content at launch.

Additionally, you can ALWAYS SAVE TO CAMERA ROLL videos and single photos, by enabling the proper switch. The audio content and multiple photos however, will remain in the app.

High quality switch will allow you to choose the quality of the recording, while consuming more or less memory from your iPhone. It affects both video and photo content.

Thank you and send us questions if something is not crystal clear.

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